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Smart Coupler 


Top & side view

  • Kadee®Scale Head Whisker®Couplers Used.   the Smart Coupler units are in part under license from Kadee Quality Products Co. 

  • Same functions as Kadee®Coupler for an automatic coupling and magnetic uncoupling.

  • Coupler Gear box size is 8x3x10mm (same as Kadee #242 Gear Box) .

  • Easy set up using only one screw(screw is optional)

  • Easy wiring. 

  • Connecting to Function output of spacial function decoder for smart coupler, Function "ON" opens the head of coupler for uncoupling, and the head of coupler is automatically closed.

  • There is special mechanism in the Gearbox. Smart Coupler swing the neck smoothy.

  • That movement ensures the uncoupling operation of the coupler.

  • You may cut off the Trip Pin if the coupler disturb the snowplow of Loco. If you cut off the Trip Pin, you cannot use magnetic uncoupling.

  • You can uncouple if you use only the Kadee®Scale Head Coupler for opposite coupler.

How to connect to the decoder

Mounting Method 
Mount the Coupler using an attached Lug board.

If you use a Special Function decoder for smart coupler(#1000), connect as shown Fig.1. 

This decoder adjust the output voltage automatically, there is no limit to the DCC system to use. The wiring is simple, and it requires small space only.



If you have ESU decoder, you can connect to ESU decoder directly

as shown Fig.2.


Just push the function button  it will uncouple automatically

as shown below movie.




Recommend ESU to you

Automatically uncoupling (ESU)

Automatically uncoupling (ESU)

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