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Special Decoder for

Smart Coupler 


・Special function decoder for Smart Coupler 

・Compatible with NMRA DCC standards

・Small space compared to using an existing decoder that has already been installed.

・Supports two functions (for front and rear couplers)

・Simple installation

・Automatic voltage control mechanism for any command station

・FN0~FN28 function mapping (CV9) 

・Adjustment function of coupler head movement (CV9)

・Support 4 digits address

・Automatic direction identification function realizes simple operation

​・Size is 11.5×13mm

Uncoupling operation movie when using decoder

If you use a Special decoder for smart coupler, connect as shown Fig.1.

You only have to purchase one or two Smart Couplers  (#2000) .
The wiring is simple, and it requires no space.


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