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◇Operation Manual for Lokprogrammer (English)

◇Installation and Operation Manual  (English)

For user using ESU decoder

  ・Installation and Operation Manual 

​  ・CV values for ESU decoder

For user using Special function decoder for Smart Coupler

  ・Installation and Operation Manual 

​  ・CV values

◇DCC Voltage using the ESU decoder  (English)

For user using ESU decoder 

  ・Output Voltage from ESU decoder

◇Installation and Operation Manual  (Japanese)



ESU LokSound 4 Fx が対象です。その他は動作確認できていません​



​ESU LokSound 4 FXが対象です。その他は動作確認できていません。


◆Do you also produce these couplers for O Scale, specifically to replace Kadee 807 for On3 and Kadee 804 for O and OJ scale?

・We are trying for O scale with new mechanism.  (Aug. 2019)

◆Is the coupler only for use with kadee no 5. Or is it also useable with kadee coupler with long shafts. And middle, underset and overset shank couplers.

・You can uncouple if you use only the Kadee®Scale Head Coupler for opposite coupler.
・We have released the long shafts of Scale Head(#156) at end of Jun. 2021.

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