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Modeler's Dream Comes True!

smart coupler
Digital Command Control (DCC) offers model railroaders a lot of operating function,
the earliest of which included a variety of locomotive light and sound effects.
Even if you get a fine detailed and skilled weathering locomotive....
Are you satisfied?
If you want to pursue more realism,
you must need the automatic coupling and uncoupling.
Now you can add DCC-controlled uncoupler to that growing list.

If you wish to drop the CAR at any place on your layout with a push botton on your
digital command control (DCC) throttle,
If you do not like to stand up from chair every time for uncoupling,
With Smart Coupler System, you can.

Smart Coupler

enables you to remotely couple and uncouple your model railway cars at any desired position on the track using no special mechanism.

We use Kadee® Scale Head coupler and create Smart Coupler, so the reality shape

are same as Kadee®Coupler, but Smart Coupler has uncoupling additional features.

Of course, the usage is same as a magnet coupling system.

the Smart Coupler units are in part under license from Kadee Quality Products Co. 

Even if you are new to try Smart Coupler, you will find it easy to use.

Coupler pocket is also the same as Kadee®No.5.

You don’t need big space for installation. It’s factory-installed and easy set up

using only one screw.

After installation, just you need to connect to DCC decoder.

Look!   Amazing  Action.


Delayed Uncoupling

Demonstration of Uncoupling with smart coupler. 

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